How to throw a swinging latin party?

Want to go salsa and planning to organise a latin party? Than this is the chance to dress yourself in the finest clothes, sample some exotic drinks and just party. But what makes your latin party a big success? We give you some ideas.

A cocktailbar

A latin party is not a party without colourful cocktails, like mojito, pina colada, caipirinha and other alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks. Evenses hires a cocktail bar, including cocktail shakers, drinks and glasses. During your latin party the cocktail shakers will make the most colourful and delicious cocktails for your guests.


An experienced allround DJ, like DJ Maximuss, will play the most swinging latin and salsa songs at your latin party. When he starts the music all your guests will run to the dance floor to shake their booty.

A latin band

Besides booking a DJ, it’s also an option to book a band for your party. A latin band will bring your guests in the mood for dancing the salsa, bachata or merengue. At Evenses you can book bands who are specialized in latin music, like Brazilian Sensación. This amazing band plays lovely latin music and brings everyone in the right mood. The crew of this band plays all the songs you want to hear in many genres like bossa nova and samba or jazz and latin. You will hear songs from famous artists like Joao Bosco, Antonio Carlos, Jobim and Diavan.