How to register a company in Netherlands

Are you interested of starting a business in the Netherlands? Off course, first you need to know how to register a company in Netherlands. Our team from “Set up your Dutch company” has a lot of experience in taking care of everything needed to start a company in the Netherlands.  It is important to decide on your company entity first. In general, we advise also to look at the BV company, one of the most common entities in the Netherlands. This is the most easy way to start your company because there are no legal requirements for a BV to have any kind of substance.

The only requirement is to have a registered address in the Netherlands. The BV company is divided into shares, owned by (different) shareholders. You can select the number of shareholders you prefer and the share can easily be transferred. Your BV company needs at least one director, but can have more directors if you prefer. Both shareholder(s) and director(s) don’t have to live in the Netherlands. With our experiences we can setup your Dutch company within only 5 working days. The Netherlands company formation BV is offered to setup for only 950,- euro. Also we can provide a registered office (address) at our business centre for only 90,- a month. Please contact our team for more information.