The Benefits of Owning Used Mini Buses

used mini buses

Are you considering whether to purchase used or brand new mini buses for your range of needs? Here’s what you need to know first-hand.

The minute you pull that new bus out of the parking lot, it inevitably starts to depreciate immediately, generally by up to 11%. In the first year of ownership, it could easily be worth 25% less than the initial purchase price. After three years, its value would have depreciated to just half the amount of your initial investment.

Alternatively, used mini buses would not depreciate as rapidly as new ones. In fact, reselling your used bus will most likely fetch you a more significant portion than your original investment.

used mini buses

Identify Your Needs

It is essential to identify your needs to verify better what makes more financial sense. Consider the daily usage, purposes, duration required, and after-use disposal.


  • Savings

Purchasing used mini buses is cost-efficient and would likely cost you a third of the price of a new one.

  • Variety

Depending on your needs, buying used mini buses puts you at liberty to purchase different types of buses based on your varying needs.

  • Economical

With the savings made, if required, you’ll have the financial capacity to buy more than one bus at a go.

  • Timely Delivery

Buying a new bus requires customization, which can take over six months to complete. Used options afford you the luxury of paying and collecting and immediately putting your recent acquisition to use.

In Conclusion

Choose wisely.