The origin of the Eastpak backpack

In 1952 Eastpak started making backpacks for the army, that’s how the Eastpak brand was born. Not long after the designs were made for the military, more and more people began to use and carry the backpacks, especially students. Eastpak is known for the various designs, but especially for the classic model the Padded Pak’R. This is Eastpak’s most iconic and perfected design. These backpacks are indispensable, especially in secondary schools, but can also be found in every household. The brand also often collaborates with various designers and ensures that truly unique products are created, a well-known collaboration was with Jean Paul Gaultier, Antoine Peters and many others. Eastpak is also known for its good quality and gives a warranty for thirty years with each bag they sell.

What makes the Eastpak backpack of such good quality?

Eastpak is a brand that responds a lot to the current market, there are so many different types, colors, and sizes available that it is almost impossible that you can’t find a design that fits your needs, and so there is always something for everyone. There are already more than a thousand options, but this is not surprising because Eastpak wants everyone to find something in their range. Eastpak has many years of experience in making backpacks and knows exactly how to respond to the market’s demand. For many, it is often important that the backpack is waterproof, but also lightweight and comfortable. Eastpak has become an iconic brand precisely because of their experience.

But which Eastpak backpack is the best?

The answer to this question is almost impossible to answer in a word or a phrase. The answer is in fact completely different for each individual or perhaps exactly the same. Where one is looking for a backpack for ordinary everyday use, the other might be looking for a large backpack with a laptop compartment and various compartments to take everything with you. What is important to everyone for Eastpak is that the bag is spacious, this means that the bag is large or small enough. How big or small the bag is, is up to the different wishes an individual has regarding the backpack (Source: